For Your Specific RF, Microwave and Wireless Needs

CustomRF Radio Engineering

CustomRF will do most anything related to radio engineering. Here is a sampling of our offerings.
  • 3-D electromagnetic field (EMF) simulations in CST Microwave Studio
    • Antennas (near-field, far-field, return loss, see example)
    • Waveguide components (see example)
    • Critical interference paths (PCBs or assemblies, see example)
    • Parasitic effects of device packages
    • Specific absorption rate (SAR)
    • RFID tag (see example)

  • Analog, RF and microwave circuit design, including
    • Filters and matching networks
    • Synthesizers (stability, phase noise, spurious, settling time, etc.)
    • Unusual, non-standard circuits (see example)

  • Transceiver Systems Design and Analysis
    • Frequency planning
    • Level budget (gain, compression, noise figure, blocking, etc.)
    • Spectral mask (see example)
    • EVM (see example)
    • Frequency response
    • Spurious emissions
    • Sensitivity to interference
    • EMI/EMC

  • Testing
    • Test plans and procedures
    • Analysis of test results
    • Analysis for compliance with FCC rules
    • Software to analyze test results
    • Preparation of test reports
Test PCB
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